Mini Smart Aquaponics Aquarium Self-cleaning Fish Tank With LED Light and Plant On Top

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  • Brand:    Salad Garden
  • Type:    OH-GS-003
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Mini Smart Aquaponics Aquarium Self-cleaning Fish Tank With LED Light and Plant On Top

Use Notice:

1. Need you add the clean water by yourself at the first time.

2. Need you buy the fishes, fish food and plants by yourself separately, we won't offer them in the product.

3. Need change water when using, suggest frequency every 15 days.

4. Need change or wash the filter cotton every 15 days.

5. Need cut off the diseased leaves and dead leaves on time when planting.

6. No need feed too much fish food, small fishes will get diseased or dead if they stuff themselves.

Function Instructions:

1. Power switch:

Long press the function key to power on, and long press the function key to power off.

2. Humidity adjustment:

Smart Aquaponics Aquarium has High-Medium-Low 3 grades humidity control, short press the function key to switch among these 3 grades, the ring light's color indicates the humidity grade:

Pink: High humidity, suitable for planting epipremnum aureum, spathiphyllum, monstera ceriman and most taro plants.

Purple: Medium humidity, suitable for planting begonia semperforens and dianthus chinensis etc. plants.

Blue: Low humidity, suitable for planting solenostemon scutellarioides etc. drought-enduring plants.

3. Waterscape lamp:

Continuously double short press the function key to light up or light off.

4. Battery management:

1) Built-in lithium battery, not restricted by the power adapter, have more flexible position to put it.

2) When the ring light's color is red, means low battery, this time it need connect with power adapter and charge, ring light is breathing status when charging.

Remark: need charge it on time when low battery, otherwise it will affect plant's growth and fishes' survival.

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