15x1W E27 base Spot Light LED Grow Lamp for Indoor Planting

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  • Brand:    OHMAX
  • Type:    OH-GL-016
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 Power:  15W  Size:  φ120x125mm
 Input Voltage:  AC100~240V  LEDs:  15x1W LEDs
 Frequency:  50/60Hz  LED Chip Brand:  Epileds/Epistar/customized
 Drive Current:  300mA  Beam Angle:  30°/60°/90°
 Color Ratio:  Red/blue/white/full spectrum  PPFD:  89μmol/m²·s @ 0.2m
 Main Raw Materials:  Aluminum + Lens  PAR:  5.88W/m²
 Base:  E27  Certification:  CE, FCC, RoHS
 Lifespan:  50,000 hours  Warranty:  3 years



1. Brand LED chips, proper wavelength guarantee the effectiveness of plants' growing

2. Built-in isolated power supply, driver and LEDs are perfectly designed and matached, make sure the long lifespan of whole light

3. Special LEDs configuration for different plants' growing, suggested ratio: red 660nm, blue 440nm, white 2800~3200K, different color ratio could be customized

4. Suitable for all phases of plants' growing, works well for indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based

5. Planting soultion could be provided as per your need

6. Lifespan: 50,000 hours

7. CE, FCC, RoHS approval

8. Factory warranty: 3 years



1. It is the ideal choice to replace traditional grow lights, saving more electricity bill for you

2. No need for additional cooling equipment, ballasts or reflectors

3. Low heat generation, no danger of scorching plants

4. Safe to operate, no risk of fire, burns or exploding bulbs

5. Environment-friendly, no harmful substances to environment

6. Easy to operate, plug-and-play, no required warm-up time



Hydroponics & Horticulture & Greenhouse Lighting, Seedling, Breeding, Farming, Flower Exhibition, Garden, Potted Plant (Bonsai) etc.


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