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Growing comparsion between Ohmax LED grow light OH-GL-001 and OH-GL-011

2017-1-16 11:05:10
Growing comparsion between Ohmax LED grow light OH-GL-001 and OH-GL-011

Growing comparsion betw


Ohmax Lighting, one of leading LED grow lights manufacturer in China, has launched its first Lettuce Growing Experiment in Oct., 2012. This experiment is done in a totally sealed environment, with no natural lights, which aims to prove how LED grow lights promote Lettuce's growing. In this experiment, our OH-GL-001 90W LED Grow light and OH-GL-011 36W Waterproof LED grow light is adopted. This project is carried out in two different way to make comparison.


Method One-Different watts in same color ratio:

 Wattage  Color Ratio  Planting Area  Quantity Used
 90W (30x3W)  Full spectrum  7.5m²  8 pcs
 36W (36x1W)  Full Spectrum  7.5m²  20 pcs


Method Two-Same watts in different color ratio:

 Wattage  Color Ratio  Planting Area  Quantity Used 
 36W (36x1W)  R/B/W  7.5m²  20 pcs
 36W (36x1W)  R/B/W/UV  7.5m²  20 pcs
 36W (36x1W)  R/B/W/UV/IR  7.5m²  20 pcs
 36W (36x1W)  Full spectrum  7.5m²  20 pcs

Under the same growing environment, the first method show that lettuce under 36W grows better than 90W, plants under 36W grow light grows sturdy stems and thick leaves. Plants under 90W grow light tends to have long and thin leaves.

Under the same growing environment, the second method show that different color ratio has impact on plant growth. Lettuce under R/B/W and Full spectrum grows much better.


The whole experiment shows that in cultivating vegetables by LED grow lights, it’s vital to choose proper wattage and color combination, as it can not only promote plant growth, shorten plants growing period, also make the plants healthier and nutritious.


The following photos of hydroponics lettuce are based on Ohmax 36W LED grow lights and 90W LED grow lights.

Growing Phase:

Day 5

Day 7

Day 12

Day 18

Day 23

Day 25


Growing experiment overviews:

More Pics