Q4: What are LED grow lights?

Column:FAQ Time:2018-07-11

A4 Answer: LED Grow Lights are becoming ubiquitous in the market when looking at options for growing plants without natural light or without enough natural light. If you go back even a couple years people never considered LED for growing plants either in their home or in a commercial grow environment.

LEDs started with a humble beginning in handheld games, indicator lights, holiday lighting, as well as many other common uses. While LEDs are useful for lighting the way for the human eye, the original LEDs were not powerful enough to grow plants. With the creation of high power LEDs in specific colors, LEDs have now become a viable source of light for growing plants.

The first LED grow lights were under powered and not capable of flowering Cannabis on their own. They were often used as supplemental lighting since they could increase the quality of the spectrum with targeted colors of LEDs. This allowed the power for good yields to be provided by the traditional HPS lighting with the quality enhanced by the improved spectrum of the LEDs. With newer technology, recent LED grow lights can provide the power and improved spectrum on their own!

Other indoor growing lighting such as high intensity discharge (HID) lights require external ballasts and fans hooked up through ducting to keep them cool. LED grow lights are completely self-contained in that their fans, power supplies, and LED bulbs are all in one simple to install and pack.